Monday, March 3, 2014

Speed Knitting: Cosplay Hat

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to talk about a cosplay hat I did over the weekend! My close friend and roommate is doing a group cosplay at a big anime convention this upcoming weekend. When she found out that she was doing the cosplay, she got really excited and started hurrying about, trying to get the things together for the cosplay that she was doing. She decided to ask me to knit the hat for the cosplay. Last weekend, I got to work and whipped it up over the weekend, so she would have it in time for the anime convention.

This is what the anime character looks like. He's from a visual yaoi novel called "DRAMAtical Murder." Because the visual novel (video game) is yaoi, that means the content is mature [18+]. So if you do decide to play the game, please be aware that there is mature sexual and violent content in it.

I personally know nothing about the game, but I was more than happy to make this for her. She gave me the chart for the fair-isle that is on the hat (which can be found here), and another close friend of mine helped me with the earflaps [I'd never made them before and needed some help]. Once I had made the earflaps, the hat was a breeze. The fair-isle, which looked simple to begin with, ended up being much easier than was expected. I started the hat on Friday and finished it on Sunday, which is actually a personal record for me in terms of hats. Then again, probably the main reason that this hat worked up so quickly was because there was no ribbing involved. Thank goodness. Ribbing looks really great, and I love the aesthetic appeal of a ribbed knit hat, but actually knitting it is a little frustrating. Wonderfully, there was no ribbing involved here!

Here are some pictures of the hat itself:

 The cords, required as part of the hat, were done by my friend in rope braid. The pom-poms and tassles I made after I had finished the body of the hat.

I also had my friend model the hat!
An awesome side view!

So in conclusion, when compared to the actual character, the hat looks something like this:
Although the costume is decidedly odd, who can resist the geometric bunnies on the hat? Answer: No one.

So now that this hat is finished, my friend can wear it at the convention and we're both happy campers. I'd happily do a cosplay hat like this again--it was fun to get out of my comfort zone in terms of earflaps and other new techniques.

David Tennant approves this project.
Until next time, my followers! I actually have another blog post in mind for the very near future! If I get the time, of course. Enjoy your week!

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