Monday, February 10, 2014

Socks and Snow Ball!

So I've been kind of eaten up by school work and future planning--I graduate in just a few months, and I have an important event planned afterwards (there will be a post about this I promise, within the next week or so), so I haven't been making time to blog. It's been busy and I've been going through a lot of stress because of the near future.

One of the things besides my awesome friends that has been keeping me sane is knitting, as always. Right now I'm in the middle of making a pair of socks! Socks are something I've never tried, but I've wanted to for a long time. I actually started a pair about a year but then decided to use the yarn for something else. My inspiration to start socks again was really pushed by me drooling on a sock yarn on KnitPicks. Knitpicks is an awesome site with tons of great yarn and supplies at really cheap prices. I always go on there to check for a sale. I had been thinking about socks anyway, when I went on and saw a really cool colorway (this particular colorway is called "Juicebox") and bought it with the intention of making socks.

This was after my friend Liz told me she was making some scrap socks and decided to give me a pair. She showed me progress and this is what they looked like when they were done:

They look great! So I was inspired to make my own in part from this. I bought the yarn and KnitPicks delivered it promptly as always. I found out today when looking it up again that the real reason that particular color was on sale was because it was in the middle of being discontinued!! Here's hoping that I don't run out of yarn in the middle of making my second sock! That would suck!

This was before I wound the yarn; when I first pulled it out and started knitting, I thought it was too pretty to ball up. Unfortunately, yarn in a hank like this will get tangled really quickly, so I was forced to ball it very shortly after starting the ribbing on this first sock. I finished the ribbing on the first sock, so I was very happy when that was finished. Normally, I don't like ribbing but this wasn't difficult or extremely tedious. Now I'm on the heel and as of last night, this is the progress I have made:

The flash portrays these colors very well. I'm not liking the sheer amount of orange and pink that is showing up in this colorway but overall I do like how bright and cheery the colors are turning out. I also like the red and lime/yellow stripes that winds around the sock. When these socks are finished, I'll do an entire post on it. Also, I'm playing a video game that once I finish, will get a proper review on this blog.


Not related to knitting, recently I danced the night away by attending my FOURTH and unfortunately last Snow Ball dance. A bit of context for most of you reading my blog--The Snow Ball is a dance similar to a high school prom that my college puts on at the beginning of every spring semester. I've attended every year I've been attending college.

Here are some pictures of Snow Ball over the years!



Unfortunately, I couldn't find a photo from 2012 that didn't feature exclusively myself and my ex-boyfriend, so I'm forced to leave that year out. All in all, I've had a lot of fun these past four years dressing up with my friends; some of which I've been lucky to know for all four years, some less than a year but I value all of their friendship equally. They've all been very good to me, and Snow Ball has always been a time for me to enjoy dancing and friendship with some of the best people I've known over the years.

Until next week, everyone! 

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