Sunday, January 5, 2014

Projects and a New Camera!

 Hello everybody!!!

So my crafting friend Carolyn (her blog is here, it's pretty awesome, I suggest you check it out), has done a blog post in the past called "what's on the needles". I just wanted to do that to try and see if it works out, plus I'm excited about some projects I have in the works as of late.

This right here is my first finished project of 2014! It was a very quick knit for my mom, who has been in the hospital for a couple days with a serious infection in her mouth. I got the chance to visit her in the hospital today, and last night and earlier this afternoon whipped this up in anticipation of a possible visit. The yarn itself was pretty nice to work with, and the photo (although taken with my new digital camera) doesn't do the color full justice. Needless to say, she was very happy with it.

Shhh!! This is a secret project. When it's finished and the recipient has gotten it, I'll upload the whole thing and the story behind it. I just wanted to post the progress behind this because the quality is unbelievable (more raving on the camera later). Do the stripes look okay? It was originally going to be all one color (the color my thumb is touching), but I really felt that it needed a stripe to soften the brightness of the bottom yellow. Besides, I need a little of the yellow left for another hat project I'm planning!

This picture is actually just me showing off the quality of the camera, but this is actually a square for my crafting group's square exchange event! This is a monogram square, which I will crochet around until it's the size needed for the exchange. For the monograms, I've been using dishcloth patterns! They work great. You can find the patterns for all the letters of the alphabet here.

Finally, I'm going to unveil my biggest project so far; my very first blanket! I did it on a whim, mostly because I had a lot (although I see 'a lot' differently than I should, so I ran out) of vintage yarn that I wanted to use up. So it was essentially a stashbuster project. The blanket is 26 inches wide; I haven't measured the length yet but I think it's a foot long...? We'll see. I did run out of the burnt orange, so I have no idea what color will work best to finish the thing. As you can see, I started a light brown, and then will probably add on a dark brown, so maybe that will work for a "scrap" ish blanket.

Basically the same picture, but this one shows the orange more and what I was attempting to do with it.

 As you can tell, I have A LOT of time on my hands, mostly because of the holidays and whatnot. I have been working, but I usually bring my crocheting with me or work during the day. The only other obligation I have is my thesis, which I actually have been working on--hopefully it won't bore, but I'm going to do a huge blog post about it when it's finished.

Now to the camera!!! I got a new digital camera yesterday. It's a Canon PowerShot A2500, and it's

what I've been taking all these photos with. It's very simple to use and the fact that the kit came with a very nice microsd card, case, and wrist strap makes it even better. It was $90 for the kit with warranty, and though it isn't one of the better digital cameras, it does exactly what I want it to, and has the sd card so I can easily upload whenever I want to. I think it's a good investment at least, mostly because I know money will be extremely tight after I graduate. Learning how to adult will be hard, for sure.

Well there you have it, that's what I've been doing with my time as of late. Hopefully I'll finish some books and put up some reviews. I'm reading Catch-22 right now; when I'm finished reading that, I'll probably post a review.

Happy crafting and stay warm, everybody!

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