Monday, January 20, 2014

Yarn Stash and More!

Hey everyone! I could not for the life of me figure out what to blog about, mostly because I've been behind in my reading and have been shuffled around several different places in the past few weeks. Now though, I'm back at school and facing my last semester as a graduating senior. I have some things I'm looking forward to in the next couple weeks, which I'll post if I feel necessary to.

Before I start blabbing about yarn, I'd like to talk a bit about my online presence and whatnot. Here's the thing; I do have a facebook, but I don't post on it very often. Why? Well, I suppose it's because it's really easy to 'like' someone's status and keep up with them via social networking, and I'm not going to lie, if I didn't have texting and online chat I wouldn't talk to my sister and the friends I have made online nearly as much. I appreciate these conveniences and the friendships I have made as a part of them. But I don't post on facebook too much because I prefer face-to-face interaction. A 'like' is the equivalent of acknowledgement and possibly approval (but maybe not). If I'm not in an exclusively long-distance or online relationship with you, message me and ask me for coffee or hang out time instead! And the longer we can interact with each other rather than 'liking' statuses, the better. This is not to say I hate facebook. I don't. I guess this is just me saying I'd really like to spend less time on it and more time interacting with people. A lofty ideal, but a good one and one I don't always follow. It's always something I can improve on, though.

My apologies for the unrelated content.

Now, to the stash-cave, Batman! (Bad knitting jokes are bad)

For those of you who are non-knitters or crocheters, a stash is a collection of yarn that grows over time. I guess you could compare it to a collection that grows over time, but it's a little different. You see, a yarnster's collection of yarn grows because of scrap yarn; yarn that's left over after a project. What happens to me is I might run out of yarn just before I'm finished with a project and be left with a stray skein, or I will be gifted yarn and not use it, or someone will request or buy something in colors I don't have, so I'll be forced to buy more in those colors.

So this is my stash:

I've been knitting for around two years, and although my stash has grew quite a bit over the years, it's stayed mostly the same, give or take. I'm going to explain a little bit about where I got the yarn and whatnot. There is some yarn missing here, but it's only for my WIP blanket and will probably be used promptly.

This section is my cotton yarn. Some of it is scrap, and some of it is full skeins; I use most of it to make dishcloths or washcloths. I've used some of the yarn to make squares for my crafting group's blanket exchange event, but usually just dishcloths. There aren't very many brands of cotton yarn here in the U.S., so these are either Peaches and Cream or Lily Sugar and Cream yarn... Can you tell I like variegated yarn?

Here's another section of the yarn pile. In the middle is some stuff I got from knitpicks for one of the hats I'm planning. Some stuff on the left is some unlabeled yarn I won as a prize from a knitting contest on DeviantArt that I haven't gotten around to using. The unlabeled blue yarn next to the green chunky is actually Viking wool yarn; very good quality. So good quality that it actually broke off a couple of times while I was using it, it was spun so loosely!

 In this section is some Vanna (White?) yarn, it's very soft acrylic and was a birthday gift from my step-grandmother last year. I hope to use it sometime soon. The WIP on the right is a commissioned hat that someone ordered while I was working at a manufacturing plant recently.
Lastly, here is a larger area of yarn. The grey next to the needles (the two smaller skeins) is cotton sock yarn, I think. Then the big pile of black yarn is wool! I don't own a lot of wool, but the reason that black yarn is in a pile like that is because I was using that yarn to make a gauntlet and a pair of super warm gloves! Good stuff. The rest is acrylic, except for the light yellow, which I believe is polyurathane yarn.

So there you have it, that's my collection of yarn at this time. A bit boring, but it was fun dumping it all on the bed, for sure. I'll keep you posted on my yarn (and regular) adventures in the meantime.
Have a great week!!

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  1. Nice Stash Tiffany! You have such pretty colors. xD You've inspired me to maybe post photo's of my own stash. :D